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Working Cowhorse Clinic with Vance Kaglea

Vance Kaglea has worked with horses most of his life on ranches and feedlots. He has started horses for many disciplines such as cutting, reining, cowhorse, penning, roping, barrel racing and ranch horses.

Vance specializes in training working cowhorse, teaching and coaching. He has successfully trained champions in snaffle bit, hackamore and the bridle.

Whether you are interested in competing or have a desire to increase your knowledge and ability to ride and understand the mechanics to train a horse, Vance can help you.

This program uses Buffalo instead of cows.

His process will cover:

  • Supplying exercises at walk, trot, lope
  • Body control for stopping, backing, turning, lead departures, lead changes, circles and speed control
  • Cow Work covers defence work (boxing, mirroring a cow's movement)
  • Offence work (driving, rating a cow in order to turn and circle safely)
  • Personalizing each lesson to suit individual needs

Vance's lessons have helped riders of all levels improve balance, timing and feel and that gives the rider the confidence and understanding to pursue any discipline.

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