Okotoks Agricultural Society Today

The vision of the founding members:

"a society with a broad base of agricultural support with a first class facility, properly operated and properly maintained"

Continues to serve as the guiding principal of the membership. Through the energy, dedication and expertise of past and present members, the facility has been developed and expanded over the years to become the high quality, multi-use facility that we have today – the Okotoks Agriplex.

Today's Mission Statement:

To be a focal point in Southern Alberta, upholding our agricultural heritage and traditions and serving the needs of our community in a responsible and safe environment through education, programs and use of our facilities.

Today's Goals

  • To serve the needs of the agricultural community in southern Alberta
  • Provide education for the agricultural community in appropriate areas
  • Provide facilities and programs appropriate for our agricultural community
  • Operate in a safe, environmentally sensitive and respectful manner
  • Operate as a responsible business
  • Develop and maintain a long term strategy for the Ag Society so it can continue to serve the needs of the agricultural community